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Our ambassadors are more than just experts in their fields and passionate about outdoor living; they are field testers for our gear and storytellers. Bramwell’s ambassadors work, live and play in the Outdoors; they take our gear through some very challenging experiences on a daily basis as well as taking our products to some of the harshest and most remote locations on the planet. As their stories develop so we will share them with you!


Rob Fraser

Rob has travelled to all corners of the globe as a location photographer and mountain guide over the past three decades. He is led by curiosity and a love of the outdoors, and fresh air keeps him happy.

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Cress Allwood

Cress Allwood is setting off on an adventure. Beginning with packing up her life and putting the essentials onto her bike, she will begin in Nepal, at some point make it to Patagonia and countless places in between, roaming where her wheels take her.

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Tanya Oliver

Tanya grew up in Kent but fell in love with Cumbria at an early age and now shares her time between her two loves, Sussex and Cumbria, the latter inspiring her to write her book “From High Heels to High Hills” – The story of one woman walking in the Lake District

in her own style. Tanya also runs a popular blog which celebrates both the highs and the lows of walking. In addition she writes for Lakeland Walker, The Great Outdoors, Cumbria Tourism. She also podcasts for Walks Britain, amongst others and her ‘High Style’ clothing and gear reviews have been a huge hit with walkers and non-walkers alike.

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Harriet Fraser

Harriet Fraser has been writing about journeying and remarkable places since co-authoring the Rough Guide to India back in 1993. She lives near Kendal and is unable to resist the pull of being outdoors or writing about it. Her work takes her near and far, from Cumbrian hay meadows and farmyards to the Himalayas, and there’s always walking involved. Harriet’s work has been published in magazines including Geographical, Adventure Travel, The Telegraph Magazine and Earthlines. She often works in collaboration with visual artists and has exhibited prose and poetry alongside visual artwork across the UK. Studying for an MPhil at the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Environment, Culture and Communication helps her keep stretching her grey matter.

Many of Harriet’s projects are done in collaboration with her husband, Rob Fraser – together they are somewhere-nowhere

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