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Djibouti Sandal Reviews

By Ana | 07/9/2014

Simply the best

The best flip-flops I’ve ever had. Soft and warm. I wear them when walking dogs during the rain. I am never cold. I have black with orange straps - 5 years old. I’d loooove if you do similar next summer. I will buy two pairs.

By Carol | 06/23/2011

Love love love these! I usually go through a few sets of flip flops a season because i wear them out but these are here for the long haul! They are really made well and the flower pattern i got are super cute!

By Amy | 06/2/2011

These flip-flops are so great! They actually provide support and aren’t made out of that terrible plastic which most flip-flop is made out of. If you like flip-flops buy them!

Hipster - An excellent minimal hydro pack

The Source Hipster is a compact bum bag that houses a 1.5 litre hydration pack, and has military style webbing to spread the load on your back.

As far as hydration packs go, it’s about as minimal as you can get, but still carries the basics and is barely noticeable when adjusted correctly.

The Source Hipster is made from a lightweight nylon rip stop material, combined with a padded nylon back and a wide waist strap – the harness is made from the same tough nylon and is fully adjustable, and features a sternum strap. The harness is easily removable too.

The outside of the pack has three small pockets, and there are two compartments inside – one for the bladder and another for tools or food. It’s just the right size for a mini pump and a few basics. There are also reflective details and two elasticated toggles for carrying bigger items externally

There are two hip pockets that are big enough for multi-tools and energy food – which are easily accessible when in the saddle.Inside the Source Hipster is an excellent 1.5 litre bladder, with and insulated hose and mouth piece with cover. The hose has a magnetic catch to attach the hose to the waist strap – so it doesn’t flap around when riding

The bladder is shaped to sit along the bottom of the pack, and has a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. The top folds over and has a locking piece that slides on to seal it up. It’s a great design and is easy to use.Source uses a unique material that has no taste, and resists bacteria growing inside. They also claim it’s care free – needing little cleaning in between use, and that left over water remains fresh for days and even weeks inside.
With the bladder fully loaded I set out for the first ride with the harness in place and found that the waist strap didn’t need to be that snug as the load is well spread. The weight is held on your hips but the harness stops it moving around.

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Buyers Guide - Gobi Sandal


Buying Guide - Summer Gear Special


The high price of the Gobi reflects the masses of tech it has onboard: super grippy outsole; waterproof, three-layer strapping and a cushioned, odour controlled footbed.

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Source Widepac 2l

Widepac 2l
Widepac 2l

A well-made, fairly bomb-proof reservoir that has all the features including a removable tube, a large opening for easy cleaning and a mouthpiece cover to keep it clean. It’s not perfect: the plastic clip doesn’t attach so could be lost. But for performance, convenience, reliability and value for money, it’ll take some beating.

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Source Gobi Lady

Gobi Lady
Gobi Lady

Great-looking and seriously comfortable sandals, with adjustable webbing straps that give a really secure fit and dry quickly too if they do get wet. These feel great to walk in, with grippy rubber on the footbed and stiff soles that cope well with uneven terrain. Covered by Source’s Green Dot Warranty – as long as the green dot is intact, the guarantee is valid.

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Source Widepac

Widepac 2l
Widepac 2l

As the name suggests, the Source Widepac bladder has a wide top opening that makes filling, cleaning and drying the reservoir as simple as it needs to be. This opening is closed with a chunky ‘fold and slide’ lock that is secure, reliable and convenient, even when wearing gloves. The hose attachment is of the quick-release valve type, which enables it to be removed without losing fluid from the bladder – a feature that makes refilling on the hill a much more straightforward process and also aids cleaning. At the other end of the hose is a chunky bite valve with a mouthpiece cover. The flow of water can be turned on and off by simply twisting the bite valve, and the movement is solid and definite. It’s difficult to find fault with the Widepac; a hose clip and a retaining cord for the slide-lock (neither of which is included) would be nice, but neither is essential. Water from the Widepac is completely tastefree and all its features come at a good price. TRAIL VERDICT

With all the features you’d expect from a top-quality bladder at a price that makes it great value too, the Widepac is an excellent choice for walkers.

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