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Bottle - Convertube Hose

Bottle - Convertube Hose £16.99

Turns almost any water bottle into a hydration system
Bottle - Liquitainer 1 Litre

Bottle - Liquitainer 1 Litre £10.99

Ultimate lightweight, flexible, durable and packable water bottle
Bottle - Liquitainer 2 Litres

Bottle - Liquitainer 2 Litres £12.49

The ultimate lightweight, flexible and durable foldable 2 litres water bottle
Bottle - Liquitainer 4 Water Carrier

Bottle - Liquitainer 4 Water Carrier £16.99

Flexible and durable lightweight 4 litres water carrier with tap
Gobi Men’s Sandal

Gobi Men’s Sandal £69.99

The Gobi sports sandal a favourite on the hills or in the water
Gobi Women’s Sandal

Gobi Women’s Sandal £69.99

The award winning Gobi Lady sports sandal
Hydration - Clear Reservoir

Hydration - Clear Reservoir From £24.99

The Clear reservoir has a large filler screw cap and carry handle
Hydration - Divide Dual Reservoir

Hydration - Divide Dual Reservoir £39.99

The Widepac Divide dual drink reservoir with separate drinking tubes
Hydration - Durabag Reservoir

Hydration - Durabag Reservoir From £37.99

Hydration cover gives this system greater durability and improved insulation
Hydration - Low Profile Widepac Reservoir

Hydration - Low Profile Widepac Reservoir From £29.99

Unique slim design of the WLP Widepac reservoir leaves more space for your cargo
Hydration - Ultimate Hydration Reservoir Kit

Hydration - Ultimate Hydration Reservoir Kit From £41.99

The Ultimate hydration Kit which allows refilling on the move
Hydration - Widepac Reservoir

Hydration - Widepac Reservoir From £25.99

The award winning Widepac reservoir is our most innovative, smart and successful design
Hydration - Winter Insulation Cover

Hydration - Winter Insulation Cover £44.99

Winter Insulation Cover encompasses whole water reservoir and tube
Hydration - Wraptank Cover Reservoir

Hydration - Wraptank Cover Reservoir From £35.99

Insulated reservoir cover has a user friendly low profile design
Hydration - WXP 3 Litres Reservoir

Hydration - WXP 3 Litres Reservoir £30.99

Military hydration reservoir with wide opening plus a screw-cap opening in olive green
Hydration - WXP Low Profile Reservoir

Hydration - WXP Low Profile Reservoir From £30.99

Low Profile reservoir keeps its low profile shape at all times for a smoother fit inside the pack
Junior Classic Sandal

Junior Classic Sandal £32.50

The all round durable children’s sports adventure sandal
Pack - Assault 20 Hydration Pack

Pack - Assault 20 Hydration Pack

Lightweight Military pack with 20 litres storage and 3 litres water reservoir
Pack - Pulse Hydration Pack

Pack - Pulse Hydration Pack From £64.99

Hydration pack ideal for biking, runs and hikes with compact storage. Includes Widepac reservoir
Pack - Race Hydration Pack

Pack - Race Hydration Pack £89.99

Hydration pack with expandable cargo storage including 3 litres Widepac reservoir
Pack - Vim Hydration Pack

Pack - Vim Hydration Pack £49.99

Slim and ergonomic hydration pack with perfect fit. Includes 2 litres Widepac reservoir
Spares - Cleaning Tube Brush

Spares - Cleaning Tube Brush £13.99

Flexible brush designed for easy and thorough cleaning of your hydration system’s drinking tube
Spares - Helix Valve & Cap

Spares - Helix Valve & Cap £9.99

Replacement Helix bite valve with dust cap
Spares - Helix Valve & Tube Kit

Spares - Helix Valve & Tube Kit £13.99

Helix valve & tube Kit is compatible with all Source hydration systems
Spares - Helix Valve Tube Kit - Weave

Spares - Helix Valve Tube Kit - Weave £15.99

Replacement tube with insulated UV-Block woven cover
Spares - Magnetic Clip

Spares - Magnetic Clip £10.99

Magnetic Clip holds hydration tube in place
Spares - Quick Connect Valve

Spares - Quick Connect Valve £8.99

Convert your old drinking tube to a quick release tube
Spares - Ultimate Tube Kit

Spares - Ultimate Tube Kit £23.99

Tube Kit offers a rapid hydration refill to existing Source reservoirs
Spares - Winter Tube Insulator

Spares - Winter Tube Insulator £16.99

The Winter Tube Insulator fully encases your drinking tube

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