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Sandal - Gobi Women’s

Sandal - Gobi Women’s Sandal - Gobi Women’s Sandal - Gobi Women’s Sandal - Gobi Women’s Sandal - Gobi Women’s

Product Description

The award winning Gobi Lady sandal a favourite of the outdoor industry. Combination of the exceptional A.R.T Grip2™ rubber outsole, molded EVA midsole cushioning and A.R.T Grip1™ rubber inserts on the footbed for added underfoot grip. Three layer padding on the straps for fast drying and keeps your skin dry and cool.

SOURCE Sport Sandal Technology

Lightweight Materials

Amazing lightweight sandals that provide an unmatched relaxed feeling when you wear them


Unique strap system with 6 anchoring points. The heel and the arch
straps are independent of one another, for a perfect secured fit.

Triple-Layer Sole

Three separate layers - foot contact, intermediate cushioning, ground
contact - allow for fine-tuned parameters, such as grip, durability, shock
absorption and weight. The result is a perfect balance, and you can feel the
difference after one week of use.

A.R.T.1 (SOURCE Advanced Rubber Technology)

SOURCE™ Genuine rubber compound for top soles. Original concept using
rubber top sole in a sandal ensures long-lasting grip and ventilation. Cupron
copper based anti-microbial agent prevents sandal stink.

Fast-Drying Straps

Soft tubular polypropylene webbing dries twice as fast as commonly used
nylon/polyester webbing.

Eco-Logic Carry Bag

Smart and re-usable packaging, ideal for transporting dirty or wet

ID Number

In the interest of producing exceptional quality sandals each sandal has
its own unique ID - Number stamped underneath the Source label. This allows for
full traceability to reflect our strictness for high quality products and the
ability to inspect and manage any issues that may occur.

Triple-Layer Padding

High-quality materials layered in a stitch and turn method; resulting in
a clean-cut look and the most comfortable pads you have ever felt. Designed to
evaporate humidity and stay dry.

Inner layer Evaporative fabric moving moisture away from the skin,
keeping your feet dry and cool.

Middle layer Soft EVA foam for a soft and comfort feeling.

Outer layer Heavy duty polyester fabric with high abrasion


Source Gobi Lady

Gobi Lady
Gobi Lady

Great-looking and seriously comfortable sandals, with adjustable webbing straps that give a really secure fit and dry quickly too if they do get wet. These feel great to walk in, with grippy rubber on the footbed and stiff soles that cope well with uneven terrain. Covered by Source’s Green Dot Warranty – as long as the green dot is intact, the guarantee is valid.

Buyers Guide - Gobi Sandal


Buying Guide - Summer Gear Special


The high price of the Gobi reflects the masses of tech it has onboard: super grippy outsole; waterproof, three-layer strapping and a cushioned, odour controlled footbed.

At A Glance

Use: Women's Sport Sandal

Price: £50.00


A.R.T (Advanced Rubber Technology

A.R.T (Advanced Rubber Technology



Odor controlled footbed

Odor controlled footbed

Green Dot Guarantee

Green Dot Guarantee

Eco Logic™ Carry Bag

Eco Logic™ Carry Bag

Triple Sole

Triple Sole

Soft Fast-Drying Straps

Soft Fast-Drying Straps



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